In 2021, online poker is having another mini boom. Like most of the online gambling industry, it is soaring and gaining popularity all over the world. The problem for some new poker players or gamblers trying to transition to poker is quickly learning the rules and using them online. Don’t worry! There’s a simple and effective way to learn poker without reading books or watching hours of videos. It’s called a poker cheat sheet. In this post, I’m going to highlight just a few reasons why you need to get one.

They’re free!

Most poker training sites offer a free poker cheat sheet.  You can usually download them as PDF. Then, it’s just a case of keeping them near you when you fire up a session, or, printing them off and having them on the wall. Nobody wants to spend money needlessly to learn the fundamental parts of poker, so getting one for free is a pretty cool feature.

Poker Cheat Sheets are easy to understand

Another reason I love using cheat sheets is the language used. The authors always write it in easy to understand, concise language so we don’t need to google poker jargon. This makes them appealing to new players who are unfamiliar with all the poker slang and nuances that more experienced players know like the back of their hand!

They give advice on what hands to play

There are hundreds of possible hand combinations in Texas Hold’em. This can pose a problem for new players unsure of what hands to enter the pot with. Most of the poker cheat sheets I’ve used give tips and advice on what hands to play. These tips are invaluable to beginners as it eliminates all the hands we may have otherwise considered playing. Sometimes saving money is just as valuable as money won. In other words, if you would have lost $20 playing ace-three and ace-four but now didn’t lose a cent, it’s like you’ve won $20!


As you can see, using a poker cheat sheet is a quick, fun and easy way to get to grips with poker. You can keep them near you all the time, use them to understand the rules, what hands to play and best of all, they don’t cost anything! Next time your considering giving poker a try, get yourself a cheat sheet, have a couple of reads and play low stakes games. Don’t forget to gamble responsibly too.

Image Source: created by starline