As the Internet gets more accessible to people in various parts of the world, online games are also on the rise. Online poker is a card game that is played by users over the Internet. Poker players have quickly embraced the online idea to engage with their fellow gamers from other countries.

However, online platforms for playing poker games have become infested by people with malicious intent over the years. Collusion between players, among other types of fraud, has become a part of Internet poker. It is thus essential to enforce some tips for staying safe when engaging in online poker games. Below are some ways to ensure you become a protected online poker player.

Connect through a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have several advantages when playing poker online. A VPN is one of the safest tools to use in protecting your online privacy. It provides instant encryption to private data such as financial information, location, and records of online activities. Websites cannot sell your data to third-party companies, some of which might be fraudulent. It’s important that you research a trustworthy VPN service by reading impartial reviews – take a look at this proton VPN review as an example.

Aside from data protection, other reasons why you need a VPN for online poker include the following;

Faster connections

A VPN provides fast servers that have less traffic than that of your Internet Service Provider. A VPN chooses some of its unoccupied servers for your traffic before channeling your connection through your ISP. The slow connections of an ISP are mainly due to a high number of users who contribute to high traffic.

Accessing blocked poker sites

You can access content blocked in your country by changing your IP address with a VPN.  Some poker sites restrict participants from some regions depending on the prevailing law. For instance, the Bovada online gambling site does not allow registration of players from some states in the USA.  Similarly, websites like Pokerstars withdrew their operations in the USA in 2011. However, USA citizens can still access banned poker sites through a VPN connection.

Bypassing poker ring-fencing

Ring fenced poker allows only a specific category of players to compete against each other. This feature limits the exploitation of all your abilities as a poker player. Using a VPN, you can circumvent the rules poker companies have set for you and play with anyone you want.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your data. This method of authentication requires anyone trying to gain access to present more than one piece of evidence. It can be a two-factor or three-factor depending on the preferences of a user. However, the feature should not be cumbersome to enable quick access.

You can set up a security question on your poker accounts basing on something personal that you know or have. Also, you can enable two or more features like passwords, patterns, fingerprint scans, and requests for SMS codes.

Update your software

Software updates and new patches are useful in ensuring your cybersafety. Most updates repair any security flaws that hackers can use to reach you. They introduce new features that provide better security when using the software. Make sure that the operating system of your device is the most recent version. You should always check with the manufacturer’s website, in case there are delays on your side.

Hackers invest their time in exploring different systems to find defects they might use to their advantage. You most definitely don’t desire to have a hacker messing with your poker account that is full of money. So, you should follow the guidelines when your operating system and poker applications ask for an update.


Both onshore and offshore poker sites are safe if you take the necessary precautions. You need proper security tools to enhance the level of safety when indulging in any online poker. Additionally, you need to react fast when you notice any instances of rigging in any site. Withdraw all your funds, remove your account, and even report that activity.