There are several ways to gamble online but not everything has the same odds and profit.

Sometimes the house has a too big of a edge compared to the player. So if you are wondering wat are the best one to play at? Well  I’m happy to tell you I did some research and I will list you the exact ones that gives you a bigger edge than others.

Blackjack 49%

Blackjack is a great way to gamble online if you don’t know when to hold and hit I suggest you to read a basic tutorial on blackjack. Because if you are bad at blackjack it could make you lose more than needed .

Roulette nearly 50%

There are multiple versions of roulette if there are more than 1 zero then your odds will decrease more than the ones without multiple zeros.

The roulette odds per option are:

Single number bets have a 2.7%/2.6%  odd.

2 number combination 5.4%/5.3% odd

3 number combination 8.1%/7.9% odd

4 number combination 10.8%/10.5% odd

Column 32.40%/31.6% odd

Dozen 32.40%/31.6% odd

Even/Odd 48.60%/47.4% odd

Red/Black 48.60%/47.4% odd

Low/High 48.60%/47.4% odd


Poker varies a lot on odds the better you are at poker the better your odds will be.

Slots depends on RTP mostly 96%

Slot machines varies on the reels and the type of game you are playing some slots are really good and have high RTP and some others have low RTP. RTP means return to Player and this is a calculated way of telling potential players the amount of money on average you will be getting back. The higher the RTP the more potential you have to get your money back. Slots are one of the best ways to earn money on casinos however before you are going to gamble get a budget and don’t exceed the budget.

Don’t try to cover up your loses or wins gamble responsible.

Licensed casinos

To have fair play casinos deemed to have a license if they don’t they could cheat and create unfavorable odds. Casinosnipers has a big list on casinos with great licenses.


If you have a choice play the slots or blackjack those games give you as a player the best odds.