Esports betting has been steadily on the rise since the inception just a few years ago – with the size it is, it’s difficult to comprehend the huge success it has found since it had only largely come around in 2016 – much of the success has come through as the success for online streaming has brought yet more attention to the growing world of esports, but others have come through as unique betting markets provide a nice change to what many have become familiar with.

Many of these unique markets are tied specifically to the games that are being played – whether that be from the first kill of the game, a certain threshold reached by a team, right through to slightly more familiar options like most valuable player – many of these unique markets can be found at and many of the other bigger operators, but also come with the huge benefit of having a growing number of statistics to back up the market, and to back up betting decisions punters may make.

Many of the players and teams that make up the bigger esports orgs and teams have been around for many years, some dating back almost a decade, and that leads to a lot of stats to back up some of these unique markets – punters can track in detail how that player has performed throughout history in a specific role, do they often perform well on a certain map or against a certain team, is a player on the opposite side their kryptonite and could cause a different result to what some may be expecting? But can certainly help inform your decisions if you’re not too clued up on the esports title you’re watching or looking to become more familiar with.

As more esports titles start to gain a bigger following, the number of unique markets will only expand with the new game types that become available to offer more diversity away from the traditional options that many punters have become accustomed to – but there are also opportunities in familiarity too as sporting titles such as FIFA and NBA have started moving into esports themselves – so there is now a blend of both familiar choices and new markets to explore, and it is certainly taking esports betting to a place that traditional sporting may struggle to follow as little innovation and little change means newer markets are not as readily available, or at least not as common.