With money involved, and both winners and losers, there’s bound to be some thoughts around whether or not a big loss was fair, and adulation following a big win with the thought that you’ve earned that win or luck was on your side. But both sides of the coins inevitably lead to myths forming, and casinos have always been a hot topic for those looking for a myth to justify their own fortunes – online casinos are largely the same and have many of the same myths too – so we’ll debunk some of the more common online casino myths!

Online casinos are more addictive than offline counterparts – This has become a particularly common myth over the past year as the growth of online casinos at Maximum Casinos and other locations despite adjustments to regulation such as Gamstop has led to a swelling of numbers, but the myth has been around for much longer than that. It stems from the ease of accessibility to online casinos as opposed to brick-and-mortar locations, but there’s no evidence to suggest one is more addictive than the other – although there are efforts being made to limit some play options for some, and as such a clearer answer may be defined here eventually, but it is still a myth that online casinos are more addictive.

Games freeze on a winning streak – This myth is as old as casinos themselves – the thought that once you start winning, whatever game you may be playing starts to behave differently – for offline locations this may be that a slot machine will stop paying out after a win for example, and for online casinos the myth is that games will start to freeze up or lag when you’re on a winning streak. With records showing that continued play after a win actually favours the casino, and longer playing hours in general favouring the house – the theory makes no sense. If you do find an issue after a big win with a game freezing or performing poorly, it’s likely just your device behaving in a strange way, particularly if you’re using an older device. If you are concerned about a website’s safety, we recommend reading this guide: https://dailyiowan.com/2021/05/14/are-online-casinos-safe-to-use/

Online casinos are rigged – Another tale as old as time for casinos with games being rigged, but for brick-and-mortar locations many feel there is some plausible deniability for some games as they can physically see what’s happening – with online casinos being virtual, the myth that many games are rigged has found its way into circulation once again. The opposite is in fact more true, as online casinos are perhaps more fair than offline counterparts. Random Number Generator (RNG) technology is used for all online casinos, and whilst there are a few services out there which tip the scales in their favour and better off avoiding, the majority are truly random and unpredictable – so whilst this may have an impact to cause you to lose more regularly than you feel you should, it can also lead to you winning much more often too as the random nature is so unpredictable.

Image Source: asiantom.com