Not so long ago, as children, we watched movies depicting the future lives of people along with numerous high-tech machines, devices that facilitate work, life and improve leisure, increase productivity and reduce the cost of finished products.

Did we ever think that having a mobile phone or a computer would be necessary? Over time, technological progress is gaining momentum. Dimensional computers are being replaced by thin laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. All this arsenal plus the unlimited possibilities of the World Wide Web, simply put the Internet, give us access to a wide world of entertainment, information, movies and games.

Sometimes it seems that we cease to exist ourselves and are completely transferred to what is happening on our monitor in some interesting game. We grieve for our heroes and even live their lives for a while. We find in our characters something that directly affects us. Thus, you want to make every effort to solve the problem that arose in the protagonist of the game. But there are a lot of abstract games in which there are no active characters, there are just tasks that need to be done urgently. Or there are no specific tasks at all, and you need to show your taste and imagination, for example riversweeps app.